40 of 365 – Bumble Hole

Saw this truck and it made me smirk. Took the photo one-handed at 75mph. Not bad eh?! Advertisements

39 of 365 – Ewe Looking At Me?

Ok, I know it’s not a ewe!

38 of 365 – All Blacks Win Rugby World Cup!

This was a big deal in our house!! Well done All Blacks!

37 of 365 – Country Crafts

Saw some teenagers making something on the field. How nice to see them doing something constructive and not offending anyone, I thought. A couple of hours later, saw the finished article. Nice work,… Continue reading

36 of 365 – Fire Drill

Fire drill at work, nice day for it!  

35 of 365 – My Sheraton

Here’s my Epiphone Sheraton. Ain’t she pretty!

34 of 365 – A Quick Coffee

33 of 365 – Out On A Limb

Saw this popping up over the garden fence from next door. Looked good against the evening sky..  

32 of 365 – Yeah, Let’s Do That

Good Idea. Peace.

31 of 365 – iOS5, How Exciting

I’ve just upgraded the iPhone to iOS5. Wow, it’s err, great. Some of the buttons look a bit different. And there’s a messaging thing, which is better than texting, but not as good… Continue reading