10 of 365 – The Raspberry Incident

Give a one-year-old some raspberries, and they will give you a photo.. Advertisements

9 of 365 – They Drink It In The Congo

My daughter’s new sweatshirt. Cool eh?

8 of 365 – Hare-Raising Times

Things must be bad at UBS, even the pet bunny is making a dash for it…

7 of 365 – Paella

A bit of ‘street’ photography today. There was a nice Farmer’s Market in Broadgate today. The Paella looked good enough to eat!

6 of 365 – Just Like That!

It’s not often you go into the Gents toilet at work and something makes you laugh. Hardly ever. Well, never. But someone has made an addition to the Dyson Airblade hand dryer. If… Continue reading

5 of 365 – Slide Away

Something a bit more arty today! I put new strings on my slide guitar last night, so I thought I’d try to get an ‘action shot’ with the guitar. Not easy to hold… Continue reading

4 of 365 – EXTERMINATE!

Found these couple of Dalek wannabes hanging around the corridor at work. Taken with iPhone so not the highest quality pic.

3 of 365 – What’s For Dinner?

Another dinner-based snap I’m afraid. I promise to get more artistic with future photos! Can you guess what I cooked for dinner?!

2 of 365 – Toad In The Hole

Ok. we’re up and running. Sorry, this isn’t very artistic or adventurous, but it’s something very dear to my heart – food! As you can see, an impressive toad in the hole. I… Continue reading

1 of 365 – Team Portrait

OK, here’s the first photo of my 365 project. Myself, Mark (who is also starting a 365) and Jon went on a photowalk around Spitalfields and Brick Lane. I managed to capture some… Continue reading