20 of 365 – Stairway From Heaven

Wow, check out the newly pimped staircase at our friends’ house – very cool! Advertisements

19 of 365 – Spill Safety

18 of 365 – Indian Summer

The scene outside work at lunchtime today. This is October. October!

17 of 365 – I Stand At The Gates Of Hell

You’ve been there, you know what I mean…

16 of 365 – Piano In The Sunshine

My daughter Lois kicking out some tunes on the piano!

15 of 365 – What’s That Coming Over The Hill?

A colleague made this cool sea monster* out of Blu-Tac. Cool! *It’s a Flying Spaghetti Monster, apparently.

14 of 365 – Ol’ Blue Eyes

A song that I have started learning. Harder to sing than you might think!

13 of 365 – Justin Time!!

Funny who you bump into when you least expect it. I spotted this young chap outside Boots in Liverpool Street station. He seemed a little cardboard to me.

12 of 365 – Dancer

This evening I had the pleasure of photographing a young model called Darcy, who happens to be a dancer too. Here’s a snap from the session..

11 of 365 – Untitled

This piece is called ‘Untitled’ – by Lois, aged 3 and a half.