30 of 365 – Prize Every Time

Dinky Winky – Prize Every Time! Advertisements

29 of 365 – Workplace Crockery

The cups on my desk at work. One is for tea, and the other is for coffee. You’ve got to have a system!

28 of 365 – Platform Symmetry

Liverpool Street station, from above..

27 of 365 – Stuck Outside The Station

The train was delayed getting into Liverpool Street this morning. This was the view from my window..

26 of 365 – The Barber Shop

Went to the barbers for a trim today and managed to sneak a photo. The barber shop is so old-fashioned I thought I’d give the photo an old-fashioned look..

25 of 365 – Looking Down Bishopsgate

Crossing Bishopsgate today, and this view caught my eye…

24 of 365 – Making Her Point

My youngest daughter, leading the way on our walk in the forest today!

23 of 365 – Shopping For Halloween

It’s that time of year. Be afraid…

22 of 365 – This Is A Girl’s World

My daughter’s new toy – a Girl’s World (they still make them!). Britain’s next top model I reckon..

21 of 365 – So Long Steve, and Thanks For All The Stuff

Sadly, we lost Steve Jobs today, I saw it on my iPhone when I woke up this morning. I thought I’d use this project to pay my tribute. So I took a photo… Continue reading